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Today, January 21, is my mom’s birthday.  I would like to celebrate her birthday with a post that she would hate.  She would just shake her head and say, “where did I go wrong?”  I’ve been forcing her to shake her head for little over 21 years, so why should I stop now.  Happy birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!

One of my dreams is to create a community where diverse people can grow spiritually and receive support, accountability, and love.  I believe that my parents created a community like that for me in my home, and I want to recreate it.  For this place to exist, there must be a vulnerability.  I cannot think of anywhere more vulnerable than a nudist colony.  But, hold your horses, I don’t want to start a nudist colony, please keep your clothes on.  This is not a nudist colony, but hypothetically speaking, in a nudist colony there would have to be somebody that is willing to take their clothes off first right.  That takes vulnerability.  Just to reiterate, I’m not starting a nudist colony, please keep your clothes on, but, I will go ahead and be the first to be vulnerable.

I don’t like to talk about heaven in public

Sometimes I speak in public.  Along with the difficulties that normally accompany public speaking, I have a real problem speaking about heaven in public.  I like to pretend I am a manly man, meaning I pretend I never cry.   When the topic of heaven comes up in conversation, every tear that i’ve suppressed prepares to make its escape.  The reason is that the two most meaningful people in my life who provided me with the best directions they knew on how to get to heaven have passed away.

I know that if I’ve any chance of seeing my Mom and Dad again it’s in heaven.  My Dad passed away 5 years ago, but my mother passed away in February, and I still hover over her number in my phone every day.  I used to talk to my mom every day and she’d care about my plans and my dreams.  Ok that’s not completely true, she didn’t care at all, she’d pretend she cared and let me talk.  She talked to me every day because she loved me, and because she didn’t know how to reject calls.  Today is my mom’s birthday, and as I think about her today, I think of the community my parents created.  More than just my siblings.

Helping others to help myself

Part of my reason for doing ministry is because I believe that unless I am leading others, and showing others the way to heaven, I will get distracted and lose my own way.  Without providing an example for others I would not follow those directions to heaven myself.  I just want to introduce my wife to my Dad, and I want him to meet my daughters Abigail and Grace.  To be honest, I don’t know that I’ll have that opportunity in heaven, but that’s the scene that pops up in my mind when heaven is brought up.  So when heaven is brought up around me in public, LOOK, A SQUIRREL!


I’d love to hear what you think about a vulnerable community for spiritual growth.  Comment, Subscribe, Share, I’d love to hear from you.  Please feel free to reach out to me.


Sorry Mom. I know you’d shake your head at this post!

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  • Dear Daniel
    I loved your post. Absolutely reflective of yourself. I see you in the words emerging from childhood which I witnessed at Stokey to young adulthood later and to the man with your brother Nathaniel at your Dad’d funeral.

    I wish you and your family continued Blessings and Love from the Divine family. Keep being ‘real’, tied to the daily struggles of individuals trying to do their level best to follow in Christ’s footsteps and occasionally needing an outstretched arm, to support them on their way. No judgment, just Love. Uncle David

  • Sharon Wallace says:

    Hi Daniel! I love your concept of a nudist colony! I would love to join. I am stood in my kitchen, this cold February, still in my coat – way too cold for removal of physical clothes, but the right time of the year to think about my mum too, who went to sleep almost 2 years ago (18th February). Yes, my Mum introduced me to my Spiritual walk and guided me the best way she knew how. I take this opportunity to thank God for all of our God fearing parents both living and resting. Thank you Daniel for being the first to reveal yourself in this forum. I love your sense of humour!! Penny and Richard taught you well. I am looking forward to a fantastic reunion in heaven.

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