Yo Mama is a Missionary

By January 22, 2018 6 Comments

Has a deceased person ever liked your post on social media?

My dad passed away in September of 2012. So imagine my excitement when in 2014, I saw the notification on Facebook. “Praise God!” I thought. “It’s a miracle!” Yes, my dad, who by that time had been dead for two years, liked my post!

But my excitement only lasted a few seconds before reality set in. Dad’s Facebook account was probably still signed in on his iPad, which was with my mom. Needless to say, she has no idea how Facebook works. I wonder how many people think my dad is alive right now after seeing that Facebook notification.

That wasn’t the first time my mother brought someone to life. She gave birth to me and three other characters!


My Mother the Missionary

Yesterday was Mom’s birthday, so today I want to focus on my mother and all the other mothers out there.

All my life, my mother has faithfully prayed for me. She’s probably praying for me right now! I still remember the conversation I had with her 15 years ago when I first came from London to Alabama. She hoped I would study theology like my father, but I told her no—hell no. I insisted there was no chance that was happening!

But she didn’t give up. She said she’d pray for me to change my mind. I replied, “Well, you’d better keep praying!”

Evidently, she did, because I’ve come so far since then. To be honest, I probably deserved to end up in jail or even dead, but instead, I’m now studying for ministry! And it’s all thanks to my mother’s prayers.

The Missionary in Your Life

A missionary is someone dedicated to a religious mission. On the 9th of June, my mother gave birth to hers: me. She’s been dedicated to that mission ever since, serving our family and showing us the love of Yeshua for as long as I can remember. I don’t know where I’d be without her sacrifices. I only hope I’ve proven myself worthy of them.

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that one special missionary: my mother. Chances are if you’re reading this, you have a missionary in your life too. Don’t forget to thank her!

I’d love to hear about your missionary.  Please comment and share about your missionary.  I know you have one, because you’re still here! 

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  • Kiera W says:

    My grandmother was my missionary. I truly believe I am standing on the prayers she prayed even years ago. She ignited my faith and it’s grown over the years, so has my mother’s and I believe the torch has since been passed to my mother. Now she’s our missionary. Truly blessed for them both.

    • Daniel Holder says:

      I’m glad your faith was ignited by your missionary grandmother. Since you know now, you can be a missionary to your family with your mother. Let the faith that was ignited by your grandma be contagious. Thank you for sharing Kiera.

  • T.C. Smith says:

    As I reflect back on my life, I have ran across a couple of missionaries. These people spoke life into my being through loving and critical words of correction. They saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. And as I grow wiser, I am reminded of their words (seeds) they planted in me years back. For I didn’t understand those words then, but now they are coming to light and I thank God for the revelation as well as them watering those seeds throughout my life. Now, it’s harvest time and those seeds have turned into a fruit filled garden that I am yearning to share with the world.

    • Daniel Holder says:

      Glad you could be blessed by a number of missionaries in your life. We need people who pray and believe in us. Likewise people need us to pray and believe in them. Cant wait to see that fruit, the world needs it. Thanks for sharing Travis.

  • Virginia Thomas says:

    My mom was my missionary although she was not a christian in church while in my teenage years. She however had those principles as professed by our neighbors who were Christians. She passed in June 2015 but I can never forget the values she imparted to me. Now I am a mom of one son and I am doing all I can to be that missionary to him.

    • Daniel Holder says:

      Sorry to hear about your mother’s passing but i’m glad you were able to see those principles until then. I know you’re a missionary to your son and your husband. Thanks for sharing Virginia.

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