It’s ironic that the organization that represents the man who said “neither do I condemn you” while standing up for a woman’s rights is perceived as so judgmental today. 

You must be dressed a certain way to not be looked at funny in some churches.  There are churches who are against abortion, churches against homosexuals, churches against drums, churches against women wearing pants, churches against sour skittles, anything you can think of there is a church against it.  Does this represent God?

There is a large and growing group of people who do not connect with church.  If you don’t go to church, but love God, let’s talk about why.  My intent is not to convince anyone to go to a church.  I promise I will not send the offering basket to your house.  I do not believe that church attendance is the only way to connect with God, or to find a community of faith.  I want to hear your opinion.  I promise I’m not going to try and bring you to visitor’s day at my church. 

There is also a large and growing group of people who are disgruntled with church.  Often these people have grown up in church, but do not connect with church anymore.  Many may continue to attend because it’s what they’re used to, it’s the custom.  They can see through the facades and rituals and can see that church often lacks that genuine connection with the community.  If you are disgruntled, or can see ways that your church could do better I’d like to hear from you.  Please share your perception, insights and ideas with me. 

What if we could create a community that supports each other, encourages each other, and empowers each other as we converted our passion into praise? 

What if we could worship God every day by doing the things we are passionate about.  Worship should be practical, and something that we do constantly, instead of a weekly ritual.  How can we incorporate worship into our daily activity?

What if we could take God beyond the four walls of the church and be Christians for 6 days instead of just 1.  We can! Let’s take God home, to work, to school, and to Aunties house.  Everyday in our actions and words let’s demonstrate God and create a community that supports us as we worship.  Let’s be a community that turns our passion into praise.

I would like to invite you to share your experiences of church? Do you have ideas? Please share them.  I invite you to make worship practical.  Please feel free to comment or message me via the connect page.  Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @holderministry.  Looking forward to connecting with you. 




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  • Amanda Waller says:

    I have had my share of bad experiences in church so much so that I didnt go back to one for almost 5 years or so. A little after my mother moved with me she began looking for churches we could try. We finally went to a sabbath keeping church that was non-denominational.  As soon as I walked in I could feel the Savior’s spirit. It over took me so that I almost cried. This to me is what church and my home should feel like.

    I have always classified myself with being more spiritual than religious as I believe the former leaves room for nothing but the will of the lord. I love that this is what the sabbath keepers church offered. No assumptions or injections of opinion when offering the good news but instead communicating the bible for what it says literally and that is all. There was no pressure to adhere to the paster because he leads the church but instead an invitation for everyone to offer what they know,  question what they are taught if they belive a lesson to be off, and love everyone while doing so.

    When I moved to TN I was blessed to find another church that I enjoyed. As I sat listening to their choir and then to the paster, again I could feel the spirit in the church. The paster gave many sermons on how the church should be in the community helping and not just showing up for church. My first visit they played a video in support of boycotting the NFL due to the treatment towards Colin Kaepernick. This is also what I believe the church is for; to not only support the community with their financial, emotional,  and spiritual needs but also to stand with others when they are seeking something for the greater good. 

    The church should always to be for and about the people and the community. It should be filled with the spirit of the lord and the good news should be sincerely and accurately communicated with those willing to listen.  And most importantly there should be unconditional love for all.

    • Daniel Holder says:

      I’m sorry you had bad experiences. I’m glad you have found a church home, twice. That’s what church should feel like, home. I’m glad you have had a chance to experience a warm church environment. I completely agree that the effective church must be in a community. They should be a solution in social justice issues and in issues of the home.

      I think that the church community should support each other outside of just 1 day a week. We should be a part of each other’s lives, a community. I hope that we can take that warmth that you felt, and let you take it beyond the walls of the church. Thanks for sharing Amanda.

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