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How can we convert church from a weekly event to a daily activity? 

Sometimes I struggle.  When I struggle I think.  When my thoughts spill onto paper they are captured here, and I hope that you are set free.  

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I am Church: Converting Passion into Praise

I invite you to read about God’s passion for you.  God longs for you to grow.  There is a divine longing for you to be prosperous.  Divinity wants you to be relevant!  God wants you to be church!

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A few years ago religion or as I called it “Church” broke my heart and it’s been a journey redefining and defining my spirituality ever since— this book was right on time. I grew up Southern Baptist and very involved in church, so when I had to take a sabbatical after my traumatic experience it was very hard. I loved that this book reinforced the fact that church is more about the people and not the building. I often found and find myself questioning the characteristics of religion and I loved how the book normalized having religious doubts, instead of shaming it.

This book also reminded me of the things that matter most in regards to my faith i.e. the power of prayer, the importance of operating in love and not judgment, and the beauty in overcoming controversy. The author mentions, “Jesus did not live his life in a bubble” and that really reminded me how creative I can get with ministry. I am definitely inspired to convert my passions into praise and renew my faith in Yah.

Letitia HuntInspired to convert my passion into praise

This ambitious book serves as a swift, urgent reminder that being followers of Jesus is not
reserved for the weekend but should spill over into every waking moment of our lives.
If but for no other reason, I highly recommend reading this book because there are so many
potent, memorable sentences that drive home spiritual beliefs we all must learn. Have your
highlighter ready!
Lastly, arguably my favorite part of the book, besides his personal stories, was when he
completely engaged his imagination and told the gripping story of Lucifer’s fall from heaven. It’s
definitely a must read!

All in all, I would recommend this book for people who are fed up with church, passionate
about serving God in ways outside of a traditional ministry context and need a new perspective
on how we can practically apply the teachings of Jesus Christ every day.

Pastor Kimberly BulginWOW

This is a much-needed book in our church today. It is a reminder to maintain and grow our connection to Jesus. It is an invitation to live up to the highest ideals of our faith so that our words and actions are consistent. This book is for those in the church and those that have walked away.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in having a deeper relationship with God. My only complaint is that this book was not longer. You will be inspired to trust God whole heartedly and step into the purpose God has for your life.

Pastor David OcegueraContagious Passion

1) At first, to be completely honest, by looking at the title, “I Am Church,” I thought this book was going to be SUPER churchy and religious. I went in quite skeptical, but I kept reading. I’m so glad I did.

2) It’s an easy read. You know how some books are like the “King James” version of the bible? You know you read that page but you didn’t understand or retain ANY of it?!
Well, that’s not this book. It read like we were just in a nice casual conversation. I appreciated that.

3) I loved the “Questions to consider” at the end of every chapter. After reading each chapter, there are a few questions charging you to put what you’ve learned into action. That was very beneficial.

4) Last, I loved the apology at the beginning and your daughters’ story about their grand mom (Read the book and you’ll understand 🙂 ).

Abigail HunterInstructor, Skate Nao

Daniel uses bible stories, personal experiences and quotes that help paint a picture of how we should behave as Christians. One quote he used from Mahatma Gandhi spoke volumes for me: “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians.” (Did you just clutch your pearls, because I did when I read that.) Often times, we get so consumed in the organizational structure of religion that we forget the main point. God sent Jesus Christ to save mankind from himself. He wanted to spread the simple message that we should love God by loving ourselves and loving others, despite our differences. We should have respect for our fellow man. We should be the light. Daniel points out in his book that the world’s perception of Jesus does not come from the church or Christianity. It comes from you.

Jasmine OliviaPearl Clutching

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